So you're curious about the knitty gritty..I got you.

Here is a list of my most common questions asked by  couples, read through and let me know anything else you're curious about!


Do you travel?

Yes! From all over California to the cliffs of Santorini I have been so lucky to capture love across the globe. Depending on travel needs and location I create a travel fee after shopping for the best deals and looking for whose grandma is renting out their spare bedroom through airbnb ;) 

-What is the minimum deposit needed to book you?

A non-refundable deposit of $500 is needed to book and save your day, the final balance is due two weeks before your wedding day.

-Can I choose the music for my film?

Music is one the most fragile pieces to your story being told and I take so much time and care into discovering the right feel for your film. And it even goes beyond that, because of today's online world of sharing and restriction of music rights, I legally license, purchase and choose each song used. We go over what you two already connect with in the music world and the vibe you imagine on your wedding day and ultimately how you want to feel when you watch it all back. Like I said, I got you.

I see that each of your films differ from one another, is there a reason?

Heck yes! I'm so glad you noticed! No human is one in the same, no life is one in the same and your wedding is definitely unique to you and your love for one another. So I take what was felt, the energy expressed and the words said to craft something that will really resonate with you two. I take the real, the raw, the silly and emotional to represent your history in the making. 

How long until we get to relive our day?

Currently my turn around time is 10-12 weeks in order to deliver my best self when I sit down to create your film. When filming 15-20 weddings a year as a solo business owner it's important for me to space out time needed to film weddings on the weekends, edit during the week, answer emails, meet you in person for tacos, admin work and live a life somewhere in between ! Teaser films are delivered within 2-4 weeks. 

How do you handle working with photographers on a wedding day?

I have had the best experience shooting along side some amazing, kind photogs that I respect and admire so much! I leave no room for awkwardness or big ego on either end because I basically try to win them over first thing in the morning by introducing myself and then hugging them at the end of the night. I always make sure we go over game plan for big events like first look, ceremony, speeches, etc and it makes for the best day by ultimately giving you our best selves knowing we're getting everything we need and more!

Do you offer video AND photo?

Glad you asked! Because YES! With none other than Brooke Shannon with Brooke Shannon Photography.When you fill out your contact form let me know you're looking for photo as well and we can chat about the details for it!

Have more questions? Shoot me an email with your info and let's see how fast I can be your new bestie.